Hanna Bartashevich (Minsk, 1999) is a Belarusian abstract artist working with color and its perception.

Currently based in Minsk, Belarus, Hanna explores the world of art through a blend of contemporary and traditional mediums. Alongside her expressive work with acrylics on canvas, she delves into the digital realm, expanding her artistic horizons.

With the focus on color as the most influential element, she draws inspiration from the surroundings of daily life. Presenting her works as open to interpretation, she hopes the viewers will resonate with the color combinations, finding personal connections within her palettes. Her works symbolize own associations of objects, feelings, people, and life events. Some of her works are owned by private collectors in Belarus, Russia and Spain.

Group exhibitions:

Spring Stories - 2024 - Online/ Worldwide - https://collector.sh/

CODAXIV - CONFIRMATION​​​​​​​ - 2024 - Online/ Worldwide - https://www.coda.gallery/

CODAX - COHESION - 2023 - Online/ Worldwide - https://www.coda.gallery/

CODA9 - SYMBIOSIS - 2023 - Online/ Worldwide - https://www.coda.gallery/

Love is love - 2023 - Los Angeles, USA - https://cryptgallerynyc.com/

Some paintings were showcased locally in Minsk, Belarus:

Mone Mane Restaurant - 2023

Alfainox (designer furniture showroom) - 2023

Nora Bar - 2022