Hanna Bartashevich (Minsk, 1999) is a self-taught Belarusian abstract artist.
Hanna's paintings reflect her personal associations from everyday life, symbolizing objects, feelings, people, and life events.

The artist strongly refuses to give titles to her works, believing that her abstractions are created to have a conversation with oneself. Excluding personal context, Hanna emphasizes the diversity of people's perception of the same imagery: through the prism of their emotional state, life experience, and cultural characteristics.

To influence the viewers' feelings in a positive and energizing way, the artist uses bright colors and strong contrasts, directing attention to color combinations that evoke individual reactions.. Some of her works are owned by private collectors in Minsk, Moscow and Madrid.
Since 2022, Hanna started transforming her works into NFTs by taking certain fragments of her physical pieces and editing them digitally.

Group exhibition (art on screens): Love is love - open call curation celebrating love and art - 2023 - Los Angeles, USA

Group exhibition (web3 gallery via Spatial): CODA⁹ - SYMBIOSIS - 2023 - Worldwide

Group exhibition (web3 gallery via Spatial): CODAˣ - COHESION - 2023 - Worldwide

Some paintings were/are showcased locally in Minsk, Belarus:

Nora Bar

Alfainox (designer furniture showroom)

Mone Mane Restaurant